This Savory Crepe Cake Is a Mother's Day Showstopper

Mother’s Day is around the corner, which means you are likely either making plans to host or attend some sort of brunch or luncheon. And while there is nothing at all wrong with the usual suspects of a lox and bagel fest or deli platter extravaganza, it’s time for something new and a bit more exciting.

(Get the recipe: Savory Crepe Cake.)

Easy never tasted so awesome.

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Enter the savory crepe cake. This elegant cake is made of layers of crepes and a light herbed cheese spread and fresh herbs, garnished with a layer of tomato jam. The crepe cake can go anywhere a quiche or strata would go. Once you know the basic techniques, you can adjust it to your own taste or make it more Mom’s favorite flavor.

You can add in different cheeses, as long as they are soft. Rindless brie, Gorgonzola, Delice de Bourgogne are all good in this. Use a different topping, and add some crumbled bacon between the slices. Make the crepes gluten-free if needed. The cake can be made up to three days in advance, and since the cheeses make it rich, one cake serves at least 12 people, you want to slice it on the thinner side.

If you prefer not to stack them into a cake, you can also just smear the individual crepes with the cheese mixture and fold in the usual triangle packets for a side dish that is easy to self-serve. This recipe multiplies up beautifully, so feel free to double if you are serving a crowd.

Get the recipe: Savory Crepe Cake.


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