‘Too expensive’: M&S launches brand new £4 cake jar – some shoppers ‘absolutely fuming’

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Marks and Spencer launched its cake jar range back in April with a Percy Pig flavour later joining the range. At the time, customers felt they were priced too high and the launch of M&S’ new flavour has once again divided shoppers.

The single-serving cake is packed into a reusable and fully recyclable jar.

Costing £4, customers can find the food item in the cake section of Marks and Spencer.

At the time of the launch, Natalie Tate, Lead Product Developer for M&S cakes, said: “These cake jars are absolutely delicious and perfect for picnics, lunches on the go – or pretty much whenever you need a sweet fix.

“Gone are the days of picking a cake to suit all tastes – you can now mix and match to suit everyone.

“Much like an indulgent ice cream tub – there is something about diving straight in with a spoon that make the experience all the more delicious.

“I love the Trillionaire’s, it is the ultimate indulgent, chocolatey caramel goodness – a must try! But of course, all are delicious.”

The new flavour, which is a lemon meringue, is made up of Madeira sponge cake, lemon buttercream, lemon curd and meringue pieces.

The new addition was spotted by foodie Instagram account Kevs Snack Reviews who rated it an eight out of 10.

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Taking to social media to share their thoughts on the product, customers were left divided.

One person said: “Spent £4 on one of them cake in a jar things from M&S and it was horrible, so expensive, absolutely fuming.”

Another wrote: “They look delicious but I managed to make my own version for just £2.”

One shopper tweeted: “Seriously, how can they charge £4 for one of them?”

“Just to let people know, M&S sell a whole cake for £3 and a cake jar is £4, just make your own,” wrote another customer.

One person said: “These are way too expensive, I would definitely buy if they were cheaper.”

Other shoppers were delighted with the new flavour, with one person stating: “I’ve been waiting for a lemon one! Made picnics so much easier this year.”

Another said: “I love the other flavours, definitely adding this one to my shopping list.”

The retailer has sold more than 700,000 cake jars since the launch, with customers asking for new flavours to join the line up.

In other news, Marks and Spencer has made a brand new Colin the Caterpillar product and shoppers are going wild for it.

The Colin the Caterpillar Melting Chocolate Stirrer can be put into hot milk to be enjoyed as a chocolate drink.

Launching just in time for autumn, customers were quick to praise the product.

One person said: “Another Colin must have.”

Another wrote: “Looks so tasty, although I wonder how much it will cost.”

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