Top ingredients Brits think belong on pizza – including pineapple

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However, the ever-debatable topping of pineapple featured as the most acceptable topping of all – with 80 percent in agreement.

But oysters, rhubarb, beetroot, and baked beans are definitely off the menu – as well as anything sweet, such as strawberries, cherries, and chocolate.

The research, commissioned by TABASCO Brand to celebrate national pizza month, also found two-thirds (64 percent) get bored of “standard” pizza toppings.

And 48 percent like to experiment with what’s on top of their pies to make things more interesting.

But pizza fans don’t just limit their experimenting to pineapple and ham anymore, with some flavour connoisseurs admitting to trying – and enjoying – over-the-top ingredients like peanut butter and jam, marshmallows, and even crocodile.

A spokesman for the hot sauce maker said: “Pineapple, eggs, and hot sauce can all be controversial additions when it comes to pizza.

“So we’re excited to spark a toppings debate to discover what else Brits believe should and shouldn’t be served up on pies.”

The study also found pizzas are getting saucier in the UK, with 49 percent using condiments for drizzling over or dipping pizza slices into, to add more flavour.

Pizza-lovers are even dialling up the heat, with 46 percent spicing them up, and a quarter even opting for “very spicy” on their slices of cheesy goodness.

In addition to going “OTT” on toppings, people have also admitted to the quirky ways they eat their pizzas – with 47 percent believing it’s acceptable to eat the crust first.

And 53 percent think it’s fine to eat a slice cold, while 47 percent reckon it’s okay to have it for breakfast the next day.

One thing’s for sure, however you slice it up, pizza is here to stay – with 48 percent of pizza lovers polled, via OnePoll, claiming they couldn’t live without it.

And they will indulge in it more than once a week during a typical month.

Celebrating the quirky combinations Brits love, TABASCO Brand is offering limited-edition, over-the-top pizza toppings for the month of October, to keep things exciting for pizza month.

A TABASCO Brand spokesman added: “Pizza is truly the perfect food for experimenting with hot sauces.

“The cheese counteracts the heat, allowing people to try flavours that may seem spicier than they’re used to, and the acidity of the vinegar cuts through the rich flavours.

“Together, it makes even a simple margherita pizza light up.”

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