Two-ingredient breakfast bagel recipe that takes just 10 minutes

Air fryers can cook almost anything; from roasting whole chickens to softly-boiling eggs, an air fryer has quickly become the kitchen gadget for millions of households. One food you might not have considered making yourself is bagels, but with @thebigmansworld_official quick and easy two-ingredient recipe, you can make bagels in less than 10 minutes.

Arman, a two-time cookbook author, also known as @thebigmansworld_official on TikTok shared his bagel recipe.

The video began with: “Easy, homemade two-ingredient dough bagels made in the air fryer – no yeast and easily made dairy-free.

“In a mixing bowl, add self-raising flour and yoghurt, any kind works.”

Arman offered a tip on screen suggesting dairy-free yoghurt works well for this recipe too.

@thebigmansworld_official Magic 2 ingredient bagels made in the air fryer- no yeast. #airfryerbaking #airfryerbread #2ingredients #airfryerbagels #foodtok ♬ FEEL THE GROOVE – Queens Road, Fabian Graetz

“Mix the two ingredients together until a thick dough is created,” he continued, then divide the dough into portions and form into balls.

You can make the traditional bagel shape in two ways: by either making a hole in the centre of each bagel by using your finger and swirling it around to stretch the dough a little.

Or you can roll the ball out into a long sausage shape before forming into a circling and pressing the two ends together to create a bagel shape.

Once the dough has been shaped into bagels, “brush [them] with a little melted button and sprinkle your favourite toppings”. Arman sprinkled a few sesame seeds onto his bagels.

He added: “Air fry for 10 minutes and bam, golden and perfectly cooked bagels, ready to fill with your favourite fillings.”

When placing the bagels in the air fryer, Arman suggested not overcrowding the air fryer basket as bagels are prone to spreading and rising during the cooking process.

He was able to fit three bagels into his air fryer basket at one time, but if you have a bigger basket, try adding four or five bagels.

For those not wanting to brush the bagels with butter, you can use milk or cream.

Arman also suggests leaving the bagels to cool fully before slicing them in half and adding fillings.

In terms of topping suggestions, you could try adding cheese to the bagels before air frying – either in powder form or grated cheddar.

Dried or fresh fruit can also be added; blueberries, raisins or cranberries are popular choices.

Alongside sesame seeds, poppy seeds, or even sunflower seeds work well on bagels, as do spices like Italian herbs, cinnamon, smoked paprika, or onion and garlic granules.

As for how the bagels turned out, Menyc commented: “OK so I just tried these amazing, used almond flour instead of regular self-rising flour and regular plain or regular yoghurt, amazing amazing amazing.”

A second wrote: “I love alllll your recipes!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing!”

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