UK cities where Brits take shortest lunch at just 22 minutes are unveiled

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Locals in Newcastle take just 22 minutes to stop for lunch while those in Manchester typically take just 23 minutes and 48 seconds to pause their hectic schedules. It is believed working from home has contributed to the shorter lunch breaks, with Brits citing a lack of time and being too busy to take longer breaks.

Even in other large cities, including Glasgow, Birmingham and Cardiff, the average lunch break barely exceeds 25 minutes.

But experts say it is important to slow down and value the lunch break.

“Taking a lunch break is so important to our wellbeing and with so many people now experiencing shorter lunchtimes or not taking a lunch break at all, we hope our unique benches give people an opportunity to unwind and recharge,” said Naomi Matthews, food and beverage commercial director for UK & Ireland at Costa Coffee.

And so Costa has teamed up with Marks and Spencer (M&S) to create a specially designed series of benches, aimed to get people outside and make the most of their lunch breaks. 

They’ll be available to use between until May 28 in Newcastle, Manchester and Glasgow, the three cities where lunch breaks are at their shortest at the moment. 

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The structures are themed around scenic nature spots, beaches and parks, places which the research shows Brits would love to spend their lunch breaks.

Giving users the ultimate lunchtime experience, the benches come complete with ambient sounds such as the sound of beach waves, refreshing scents such as pine trees and everything you need to enjoy a quality lunch break, including fold-out tables, a condiment bar and phone chargers.

This is despite more than a quarter of Brits (29%) frequently finding themselves eating their lunch on-the-go.

Top 10 cities which take the shortest lunch:

  1. Newcastle – 22 minutes

  2. Manchester – 23 minutes 48 seconds

  3. Glasgow – 24 minutes 18 seconds

  4. Birmingham – 24 minutes 54 seconds

  5. Edinburgh – 25 minutes 6 seconds

  6. Cardiff – 25 minutes 12 seconds

  7. Leeds – 25 minutes 24 seconds

  8. Bristol – 27 minutes 6 seconds

  9. London – 28 minutes

  10. Sheffield – 28 minutes 48 seconds

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