Willie's Superbrew Is Not Quite Hard Seltzer, Not Quite Ginger Beer, But All Very Tasty

If you had to guess what a “superbrew” is, what would you say? Some kind of strength-enhancing elixir from a superhero movie? The master brew from which all other brews derive? That thing that happens when you put all the different sodas from a fountain in one cup for a maximum muddle of flavors and sugar content? how about an alcoholic beverage that’s somewhere in between a hard cider, a ginger beer, and a hard seltzer? That, at least, is the best way I can think to describe Willie’s Superbrew, a Boston-based beverage company that rolled out a canned drink that it’s hard to put your finger on, but very easy to drink. 

I first encountered Willie’s Superbrew at last summer’s Fancy Food Show, when I sipped a sample of it somewhere between the rows of interestingly-flavored chips and slivers of expensive, delicate hams. If I remember anything at all from that slew of tiny samples, it’s usually impressive, and I remember that Willie’s struck me as particularly delicious for something that was in the hard seltzer camp, a genre of drink I don’t usually enjoy. The company brews with fruit and spices, and transparnecy in their ingredients is one of their missions. The result is a fruit-flavored beverage that isn’t cloying or medicinal tasting, something like Spindrift but for alcohol. 

The Superbrews are, for now, only available in the Northeast—they just became available in New York. Each can has 4.5 percent alcohol and around 120 calories, a play for the attention of wellness-focused consumers who like both sparkling water and occasionally getting a little tipsy. The Superbrew comes in three flavors: Lemon & Ginger, Pomegranate & Acai, and Mango & Passionfruit. 

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