Woman’s birthday cake ends up looking like an ‘abomination’

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Making a birthday cake can be tricky at the best of times, but one woman has shown she has a sense of humour after posting a picture of her failed attempt at making a cake. She was trying to recreate a cake hack where people buy a mud cake from Woolies and turn it into a professional-looking children’s birthday cake.

Lucy from the Facebook group ‘Woolies/Coles Mudcake Hacks’ has shared her hilarious picture after trying to follow the mud cake hack by the baking expert Tigga Maccormarmack from the TikTok account @tigga_mac.

Tigga, who described herself as a “cake artist” originally made a video to show an easy way to make a birthday cake of Bluey, a children’s cartoon character, by using a mud cake from Woolies.

However, Lucy’s attempt has amused many people as her end result looks nothing like the cartoon dog. Instead, her cake had sticks where the ears were likely meant to be, a massive wafer for a mouth, and somehow the would-be dog cake has a bemused expression.

Lucy originally posted the funny picture to Facebook and wrote: “Enjoy this absolute abomination – it looked easy on TikTok.”

@tigga_mac CAKE HACK TIME! Love how this one turned out! ������ #tiggamac #cakehack #tiggamaccakehack #bluey #blueycake #cakevideo #caketutorial #cakedecorating #caketok #wooliesmudcake ♬ original sound – Tigga Maccormack

Despite commentators finding the picture hilarious, many people were positive about Lucy’s baking attempt. One woman wrote: “This is the honesty I needed in my life” while somebody else said: “It’s very cute despite not being like the picture.”

Another user said: “OMG I genuinely love it! It made me smile, thank you for sharing” while another person wrote: “The two sticks just did it for me. 10/10 for effort though!”

One parent shared the picture with their child, and wrote: “I just showed my seven-year-old, he says ‘keep trying!’ Then he says to me, ‘but it looks so bad she should probably eat the whole thing.’ It’s amazing.”

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For those who think they can make a better Bluey than Lucy, Tigga Maccormarmack’s original video says her “cake hack” will turn a mud cake from Woolies into a birthday cake. She first cut the cake into four pieces, one massive piece for the head and then smaller pieces for the nose and ears.

The expert baker then cut the icing off the ears and began icing. She said: “Now is time for the buttercream. I went with blue, obviously and then a tan colour for her nose. I made sure my buttercream so it went on really easily.”

Once the icing was smooth, Tigga put the cake into the fridge to make the buttercream “really firm” and then added a darker blue icing over the top of the cake for Bluey’s fur patches.

Tigga then stuck on the ears and also covered them in dark blue buttercream. She then used a wafer for the ear details, used marshmallows for the eyes and M&M candy for the pupils.

Tigga then showcases her Bluey birthday cake, which resembles the cartoon character and she said turned it “really good.” In Tigga’s comment section, many other people doubted their attempt to be able to recreate the cake perfectly. One user wrote: “You make it look so easy but I know mine would look nothing like this” while somebody else wrote: “My toxic trait is thinking I could make this.”

Other people in the comments said the hack was “genius” and “fantastic”. Other parents said they were going to try doing the cake hack. One woman wrote: “[This is] definitely going to be the cake of the year for Bluey lovers” while someone else wrote: “I am saving this video so I can make it for my son next month.”

Another person, who seems to have made the cake, wrote: “Cut a straight line of the bottom of the marshmallow to make it appear Bluey is smiling and this comes out perfect”

One woman who appeared to have tried the mud cake hack but had not seen the video, wrote: “I wish I had [seen this video] a month ago, I turned two Woolies mud cakes into Bluey.”

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