You Can Buy a 30-Count Hot Sauce Gift Set From Walmart

Hot Sauce Gift Set

Got a spicy food lover in your life? Well, go ahead and cross that name off your holiday shopping list—because Walmart is bringing the heat with this Modern Gourmet Foods World Wide Hot Sauce Gift Set. 

The set includes 30 (yes, 30!) mini hot sauce bottles from around the globe. The best part? The whole thing is only $19.98. 

Buy it! Modern Gourmet Foods World Wide Hot Sauce Gift Set, $19.98;

"No delayed flights, no luggage to drag around,” the product description reads. “Take your taste buds on a trip all over the world right on the dinner table!" 

Each bottle holds about 20 milliliters of sauce, which means they’re the perfect size for tasting and small enough to carry on a plane. 

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The hot sauces come from places like Thailand, Budapest, Jamaica, Britain, Egypt, Cuba, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Argentina. There are even a few sauces from states in the good ol’ U.S.A., like Texas, California, and Hawaii. 

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