You Can Still Buy Yeast Online From This Unlikely Retailer

Dry Yeast

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The only thing worse than not being able to find yeast at the grocery store is not being able to find yeast at several grocery stores. It seems like anywhere you go — local markets, big chains — yeast is sold out, which leaves only a few choices: trusting the internet for substitute hacks, or finding another way to get your hands on some yeast. 

This past weekend, in a desperate attempt at making croissants, I tried a yeast substitute. I often fall victim to thinking ingredient substitutes will actually work, and let me just say: If you are spending hours kneading and folding dough, do not risk all of your efforts by using lemon and baking soda in place of instant yeast. Just don’t.

Thus began my internet search yeast packets I could buy and trust. Surprisingly, this led me to the pages of Etsy.

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Normally I go to Etsy for trinkets, gifts, and decorations, so I shouldn’t be shocked that the site has an entire section for creative cooking items as well — including yeast, the gold-ticket item of the moment. The packets range in size and cost, going for as little as $5 for an ounce (which is about three store-bought packets’ worth) and up to $29 for 11 ounces. If you’ve taken to baking like me, you can stock up on a big batch and save some money in the process. 

And if you’re worried about buying yeast online, just know that the sellers can be vetted fairly easily: You can message them, peruse through reviews, look at ratings, and even see how many of the items you’re looking at have sold. You can’t say the same for ingredient hacks you find off the internet.

Below, shop top-rated yeast packets on sale now at Etsy. 

Buy Yeast Online From Etsy 1

To buy: $4;

Buy Yeast Online From Etsy 2

To buy: $12;

Buy Yeast Online From Etsy 3

To buy: $24;

Buy Yeast Online From Etsy 4

To buy: $29;

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