You Know You Want to Dress Your Pets in These Food Costumes


Halloween is an inherently self-indulgent holiday—we don’t make the rules. It’s about delight and desire, sugar rushes and fear-based adrenaline, and yes, sometimes it’s about forcing your pets to wear clothes. Will your pets hate you for a few minutes? Maybe, and hey, it’s really great if they don’t! But having the memory (and photo) of your dog dressed as a lion or your cat as a tiny pumpkin is worth whatever scratches you may receive. 

If you haven’t yet found the perfect pet costume yet, may we recommend these food-focused picks? Whether it’s a puffy necklace shaped like a slice of bread or a full-blown latte ensemble complete with a Starbucks-esque cape, your pet’s gonna look so cute you want to cry. 


Puppy Latte Costume, $18.99, Amazon


Banana Dog & Cat Costume, $9.99, Chewy


Apple Pet Costume, $21.88 – $23.98, Amazon


Avocado Pet Costume, $19.49, Amazon


Pretzel Plush Dog & Cat Costume, $12.99, Target

pet-gumball dress

Gumball Dress Pet Costume, $10.99 – $23.95, Amazon


Strawberry Dog Costume, $19.49 – $19.99, Amazon


Soft Bread Slice Collar, $12.99 – $14.99, Amazon


And don’t forget, we aren’t the only ones who can enjoy tricks and treats. Reward your very good boys and girls with one of these homemade treats. 

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