‘You’ve got to try this’: Genius hack to soften or defrost butter fast without a microwave

TikToker shows how to make butter with just double cream

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Defrosting a whole block of butter can take a few hours. However, a kitchen hack could help speed up the process without risking burning the butter in the microwave.

The hack was posted by America’s Test Kitchen on its YouTube account, where it boasts 1.61 million subscribers. The tip was demonstrated by Sam Block, a test cook, and chef.

She detailed the clever way to defrost frozen butter, or soften chilled butter, with a glass and hot water.

“So, I really want this butter at room temperature, but I don’t feel like waiting at all,” the food expert said.

“So, instead, I’m going to try this kitchen hack.”

How exactly does it work? Sam detailed a step-by-step guide.

She said: “Start by filling a glass with hot water and very patiently let it sit for a few minutes.

“Then dump out the water and place the warm glass on top of your butter.

“Wait very patiently for just a few more minutes until your butter come to room temperature.”

She added: “If you are as impatient as I am, you’ve got to try this.”

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How to soften butter

Grate it

Grating cold butter will help to soften it as the more surface area the butter has, the quicker it softens.

Cut it into cubes

Cutting butter into cubes follows the same science as grating butter.

Roll the butter

Put the butter between grease-proof paper and roll it with a rolling pin to soften the button up.

How to store butter

Recently, This Morning consumer reporter Alice Beer said butter should be stored outside of the fridge – for the most part.

She told viewers of the ITV programme that butter can “stay out of the fridge as long as you eat it within two weeks.

“Butter is made from pasteurised cream, pasteurisation will repel the bacteria, only keep out what you’re going to eat.

“But at room temperature, you can keep it for quite a long time, up to two weeks, or otherwise, keep it in the fridge.”

Another food hack recently detailed how to make stale bread fresh again. 

Chef Tristan Welch has a large following on TikTok where he shares recipes and food hacks. He has 82.5k followers on his TikTok account.

He explained how to revitalise stale bread. Tristan said: “From hard as a rock to fresh as a daisy – revive your stale bread using this simple tip.

“I recommend enjoying it warm with a lot of butter.”

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