10 Little Kitchen Luxuries Under $25 That You’ll Use (and Love) All the Time

We talk a lot about “little luxuries” here at Kitchn. Because while we’d all love, say, an $800 espresso maker of our dreams, the bigger stuff is less attainable. Those are the purchases that we hem and haw over for months and months, while we rework our budgets. The little things? The little things are more likely to be quick lunch-break purchases that we don’t really even think twice about. The funny thing about these little luxuries, though, is the fact that they can be just as, well, luxurious as those bigger splurges.

See, little luxuries ideally cost just $25 or less. They elevate our spaces, make our lives better/easier, and instantly make us feel fancy. What counts as a little luxury? Everything on this list. Check them out and prepare to luxuriate.

1. Skillet Handle Cover, $14 at Etsy

If you spend more time with your cast iron skillet than with your best friend, we’re guessing you’ll get a lot of use out of this leather handle cover. It’s made out of recycled airplane seats and double layered, so you can just slide it onto the handle and lift. Note: There’s also a matching cover for the helper hander (the little handle on the other side of larger skillets) for $10.

2. Spoon Rest, $16 at Etsy

There are two types of home cooks: those who use a spoon rest and those who know they’d be better off if they did. Become the first type with this colorful Etsy option! Your countertops will thank you.

3. Sponge Holder, $18 at Etsy

This sponge holder may look familiar because we’ve featured it before. It’s just so pretty! And because it holds your sponge upright and allows air to circulate around it, the sponge will dry faster and you’ll get more uses out of it before you have to replace it.

4. Matte Black Oil Bottle, $15 at Crate & Barrel

The best way to store olive oil is not in those clear bottles you tend to buy the stuff in. Decanting your olive oil into an opaque bottle with a spout (like this one!) not only helps prolong the shelf life of the liquid gold, but it also makes it easier for you to pour out a drizzle into a pan or on top of oven-bound veggies.

5. Concrete Salt Cellar, $15 at Crate & Barrel

It will be much easier to sprinkle your favorite flaky salt over a dish if you have a nice wide salt cellar to reach into. This one has a divider that creates one larger compartment and one smaller compartment — perfect for your favorite finishing salt paired with some some za’atar, everything bagel seasoning, or anything else you reach for again and again.

6. Glass Plant Mister, $14 at Urban Outfitters

You’ve got to water all those plants and herbs on your windowsill, so why not do it with a gorgeous mister that’s also fun to use? Unlike those solid metal ones on the market, this one is glass, so you can actually see when it’s time to refill the vessel.

7. Bormioli Rocco Cassiopea Decanter, $24 at West Elm

Decanters can cost a pretty penny. But it’s also possible to buy one that only LOOKS like it cost you a pretty penny. This one from West Elm feels far more fancy than the price would suggest, which means it’ll dress up your bar cart and that inexpensive bottle of booze you’ve been sitting on.

8. Dirt Road Candle Co. Wick Trimmer, $14 at Etsy

Your fancy candles (or even the ones from Aldi!) deserve to be taken care of. Use this super-pretty wick trimmer to cut your wicks to just 1/4-inch before each lighting and you won’t have to deal with excessive smoking or the appearance of soot marks on your ceiling. Of course, scissors work too, but these come in three finishes and will look nice sitting out among all your candles.

9. Rainbow Popsicle Sponges, $12 for two at World Market

Do you need colorful sponges that look like ice pops? No. Do you want them? Yes! Especially with the warmer weather on its way. You can use these to clean out jars, bottles, and glasses. And as a reminder that summer will get here eventually.

10. Savoy Letter Sorter, $18 at Anthropologie

Don’t let mail pile up and take over your kitchen counters. Instead, treat yourself to this good-looking organizer and put it to work holding bills, catalogs, magazines, and more.

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