Aldi Is Now Selling Food-Themed Pool Items, and Summer Just Got a Lot More Fun

Aldi, the German-owned grocery store known for quality low-cost food, an amazing and ever-changing "finds" section, and, well, being a little different than your average grocery store, has been getting us pumped for summer with a variety of new items, including low-calorie hard seltzers, and delicious-looking tuna burgers.

Now the store is making our upcoming poolside weekends even better with oversized pool floats in the shape of tacos and cookies!

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And if you’re looking to lounge by the pool instead of in it, you can opt for one of these adorable beach towels in the shape of donuts and oranges!

We can’t stop thinking about how cute these would be on all our summer beach trips. The floats hit Aldi stores on 5/22, and the towels are available on 6/5.

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What's best is that they won't cost you an arm and a leg, either. Considering comparable floats retail for over $25, and similar towels sell for over $22 online, Aldi's floats are just $9.99, and the oversized beach towels are $7.99.

We think it’s definitely worth marking your calendars for the dates these go on sale. Because with prices this low, and summer being just around the corner, we can guarantee they won’t last long.

As a born-and-raised Florida girl, I will be scooping up the orange beach towel ASAP. I can’t wait to break it out this summer and watch everyone’s surprised faces when they ask where I bought it.

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