Aldi Sangria Kits Are Hitting Stores in June—And Summer Is About to Be So Much Better


Aldi finds can either be hit or miss—if you don’t snatch the good deals in time, they could be gone forever. And get ready, because Aldi has some pretty awesome summer goodies hitting stores next month, and you better believe that on June 12 we will be waiting with everyone else to grab our sangria kits the day they come in.

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The sangria kits are specially blended bags of fruit that are ~made~ for red or white wine sangria. The white wine blend has oranges, strawberries, pineapple, and apples, while the red wine blend includes a mix of oranges, dark sweet cherries, tart cherries, and blackberries (yum!). The fruit in both kits is pre-cut and ready to mix.

Alas, the wine isn’t included. But that's no worry: You can pick up your favorite bottle of vino while you’re at Aldi (in case you haven’t heard, their wine section is seriously underrated.)

We’re already brainstorming all the ways we can use these cute little sangria kits this summer. We might throw ‘em in the freezer, and blend with our favorite inexpensive wine to make frosé, or incorporate them into our Ultimate Summer Sangria. And just like that, summer just got so much better.

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