Aldi’s Atomic Pickles Are a Spicy, Briny Delight


This is based more on anecdotal evidence than quantifiable data, but it seems like pickle chips get eaten more often in the summertime. It could have something to do with grilling burgers in the backyard, or the fact that it coincides with peak cucumber season, the key ingredient in any good pickle.

Anyways, by this point in the year you may be a bit pickled out, which is totally understandable. If that’s the case, you might want to consider literally spicing things up in order to breathe new life into your old relationship with fermented cucumbers. Maybe some atomically spicy pickles from Aldi would do the trick?

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One of multiple varieties of Park Street Pickles they have on sale, this particular set of pickle chips threatens to assault your tastebuds with a level of thermonuclear heat that would terrify Robert Oppenheimer and others who worked on the Manhattan Project. It’s unclear how many Scoville heat units that translates to, but you’re definitely going to want to have some kind of drink nearby. Photo evidence suggests there are some chile peppers in with the brine, so you know this will pack a bit of a punch.

Beyond burgers (and, I suppose, Beyond Burgers), you could probably find some creative uses for these atomic pickles. Fry them up for a spicy, crispy crunch, or add them to whatever sandwich could use a little de-blandification. Regardless, the combination of vinegar and heat should leave you feeling a little bit flushed after you bite into one of these. Think of them as a useful alternative to banana peppers with a bit of added brine.

So if you need a pickle capable of making you feel something once again, you know what to do. Just make sure you also stock up on some of Aldi’s key lime beer to really make it a weird experience. 


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