Amazon Shoppers Swear By This $10 Gadget to Soothe Itchy Mosquito Bites

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When you live in the South, summertime is synonymous with a slew of well-loved traditions. There are backyard picnics, drive-in movies, tomato sandwiches served lakeside, and sweat tea sipped on Grandma's porch. And then there's the inevitable wrench that gets thrown into each of these alfresco situations: the mosquitoes.

As unwelcome as these pesky party guests are, their presence is practically a summertime tradition in itself. And every Southerner has found their own way of coping. (Are you a sprayer, a swatter, or proud wearer of the world's best mosquito-repellent pants?)

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While we might employ our best prevention efforts, there are always the rogue biters that somehow break through. And that's where this highly rated gadget comes in. The aptly named "Bug Bite Thing" is a quirky itch-relieving tool that uses suction to work its magic rather than creams or chemicals (to buy: $10, According to the brand, the handheld accessory works by extracting the venom left behind by an insect, which is what cause skin irritation.

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If you're skeptical, take it from the product's nearly 4,500 Amazon reviews, some of which are titled "Simply, Literally Life-Changing," "Holy Moly This Works!" and "Weird, but Helpful." As one buyer commented, "I was a huge skeptic…but it provides instant relief that no pill, cream, or injection ever has achieved for me."

Many reviewers point out that the itch-battling tool is a cure for much more than mosquito bites. Some found success alleviating pain and discomfort from bee and wasp stings, ant bites, and spider bites. And one claims the Bug Bite Thing can potentially solve some skincare woes as well. "This thing will clean your pores too!" reads the review, though she advises against using the suction tool on delicate facial skin, as it tends to leave red marks.

While the Bug Bite Thing is a great tool to keep around the house, several reviewers commented that they've bought multiple ones to keep in cars, purses, and luggage so they're never without it—particularly since the tool works best when used immediately after the bite, per the brand.

Want to give this miracle mosquito bite worker a try? Buy the Bug Bite Thing on Amazon for $10 here, or even better, a two-pack for $19.

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