Applebee’s Has Free Kids Meals Right Now To Make Family Dinner A No-Brainer

I do not have children, but I have to imagine hearing the words “free kids meal” is a pretty sweet one, especially at the beginning of a particularly stressful school year. Well I get to be the bearer of good news because Applebee’s is offering free kid’s meals to start the academic year off right.
Starting right now, Applebee’s is offering a free kid’s meal with any online purchase of $12 or more. That means you have to order via or the Applebees app, spend $12 and boom, free kid’s meal!! Spending $12 at Applebee’s is as simple as getting a delicious app and dinner like mozz sticks and a riblet platter. Done! Oh, sorry, not quite done…then you have to add the code FREEKIDS at checkout. Then you’re done! The kid’s menu at Applebee’s includes things like the Kids Cheesy Pizza, Chicken Tenders, and the Kids Corn Dog, among many other delicious things that only get more delicious when they are free. Plus, by ordering online, you’ll get your food even faster. Fast and free. A dream.
Even though this deal is great, it will sadly expire on September 17, so be sure to cash it in before then. I know it’s probably a short week for many of us, but that doesn’t mean we don’t deserve to treat ourselves! Summer is over, things are getting busier, let’s make life as easy as we possibly can on ourselves, shall we?

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