Applebee’s Is Selling an Exclusive Mountain Dew Soda With Blue Raspberry and Blackberry Flavors

Some of PepsiCo’s Mountain Dew’s best flavors aren’t available in bottles or cans. Instead, you can only find them as a fountain drink. And sometimes, you can only find them as a fountain drink as a restaurant-exclusive. That was the case with Mountain Dew Vibe and Sweet Lightning, and that’s also the case with this new release, the Dark Berry Bash.
Thanks to the part-time detectives on Reddit, we know that the new soda is rolling out exclusively at Applebee’s restaurants. The sip, which is listed on PepsiCo’s website, is a dark blue color. The flavors match the hue, since you’ll get notes of blue raspberry and blackberry. The soda has a space theme, as detailed on an Applebee’s sign, and we believe it’ll take our taste buds out of this world.
“In the depths and darkness of space, a dark energy has been released! With a blinding flash, blue raspberry and blackberry flavors collide into an explosion of sweetness and refreshment! Get ready to surf galactic waves of this stellar new flavor with Mtn Dew Dark Berry Bash,” the Applebee’s sign says, as photographed by Reddit/u/jakedaily.
Now we know the who (us), what (new Mountain Dew), where (Applebee’s), and why (because we deserve it), but the when is still up in the air. It looks like some locations are getting the soda now, but it’s not clear how long it’ll be around.
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