Arby's Is Bringing Back the Fan-Favorite Jamocha Shake


Arby’s: they have the meats. At this point, there’s really no disputing that sentiment. They’re so committed to the meat ethos that they’ll sell you deli meat by the pound, and they even once tried to make a carrot out of meat. Seriously.  

What people often forget is that, yes, there are things besides meat on the Arby’s menu, though you may have to hunt for them. For example, those who are really trying to ensure they pass out after dining at Arby’s can wash down a big ol’ pile of their meat with one of their milkshakes.

If you fall into that category, you might be glad to learn that the Jamocha Shake, which combines chocolate and coffee into a rich blend of flavors, is back on the menu. And we’re not just talking about any chocolate, either. This thing is seemingly drizzled with Ghirardelli chocolate, which definitely ups the indulgence factor of this sweet treat.

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Making its triumphant return for a limited time, the Jamocha Shake (whose name may be some kind of unrelated pun on Jamaica for some reason?) returns to the Arby’s shake lineup, flanked by old standbys vanilla and chocolate. When judged against those standards, the idea of combining the flavors of coffee and chocolate registers as downright revolutionary. I guess they save most of their R&D budget for meat experiments, which is fair.

So for those who want a Jamocha Shake from Arby’s, they better head on down to the home of Horsey Sauce, because this thing will only be around for a limited time. Once it’s gone, well, it’s back to boring, plain shakes for you. 

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