Baileys Is Selling An Apple Pie Flavor That Is Perfect For All Of Your Cozy Fall Cocktails

Pumpkin tends to get all of the love around this time of year, but there are actually a plethora of fall flavors out there to love. Cinnamon! Hazelnut! And, of course, apple! If you’re a big fan of the last one, you’re going to be breaking out the cozy cocktails a little extra this year because Baileys announced it’s releasing an apple pie flavor that’s perfect for cooler weather.
Baileys Apple Pie Irish Cream Liqueur takes all the sweetness and coziness of the iconic dessert and combines it with the creaminess and booziness you love about Baileys. I could see this flavor going perfectly in coffee, hot chocolate, or simply on the rocks. It’s still pretty hot out so maybe some spiked apple pie milkshakes are in order to truly ring in fall.
In fact, in that spirit, Baileys is encouraging you to celebrate Friendsgiving a bit early this year with the Baileys Apple Pie Friendsgiving Kit. It comes with everything needed to make The Apple of My Chai cocktail, along with Baileys Apple Pie Cookies, i.e, warmly spiced cookies infused with a Baileys Apple Pie filling and topped with oat crumble. Baileys is encouraging friends to gather in August or really whenever you want this year because Friendsgiving is a feeling, not a day. Put that on a t-shirt!
You can pick up the full kit for a limited time on and can pick up the bottle of Baileys Apple Pie for $24.99 while supplies last this fall. Excited to drink Baileys Apple Pie while I bake an apple pie, because why not??

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