Ben & Jerry’s Said You Should Be Storing Your Ice Cream Upside Down To Prevent Freezer Burn

We’ve all been there: You dig in to that pint of ice cream that you started to work on last night or last week and what you get upon your first bite is crunchy, tough, and icy. Basically, it’s been zapped by freezer burn and, yeah, it’s technically still ice cream so technically it’s still delicious, but something about it is very off. Well now, the saviors over at Ben & Jerry’s have suggested a way to banish freezer burn forever.
The brand shared a few different strategies to prevent freezer burn in a recent blog post. The first tip is to make sure your freezer is below zero degrees Fahrenheit and that you’re storing your ice cream in the back of the freezer to make sure it stays super cold. If it’s too cold once you take it out because of that super-low temp, just be sure to leave it on the counter for a few before digging in.
Next up, they suggested cutting your carton with a large serrated knife rather than scooping, as to cut down on the time it spends out of the freezer. It might look a little silly but they swear by it…and the little disc will make for super-easy ice cream sandwiches. Once you’re done cutting (or even scooping!), you should also cover the ice cream with some wax paper, parchment paper, or plastic wrap before putting on the lid.
Finally, they also recommend that you store your ice cream upside down because it “causes the melted ice cream to drip onto the lid where it has less chance of ruining the still-cold portion.” The more you know! You can find these and the full list of tips over on Ben & Jerry’s site and when all else fails…just eat the whole pint!!

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