Chrissy Teigen Pierced Her Nose (Again!) And Said She Wants To Dye Her Hair Purple

Maybe you haven’t heard, but we are INDEED in a new year. It’s 2021, babies, and in case you need a sign to reinvent your look, Chrissy Teigen, as always, is here to be your inspiration.
The star showed off a nose piercing last week that ended up getting botched, immediately falling out, and healing (a struggle that, as a person with a nose ring, I know of all too well!!!). But lest she be deterred, Chrissy showed off a re-pierced and VERY chic nose stud early Monday morning done by Brian Keith Thompson, known as Body Electric Tattoo.
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And that’s not all. If you’re a devotee of Chrissy’s Instagram, you may have also noticed she’s been rocking stick-on jewels (that she’s also been adorably sharing with husband John Legend!), and that she recently expressed a desire to dye her hair purple, thanks to some inspiration from an Instagram filter. She shared a video of herself with violet locks with a caption telling fans the reasoning behind her new look.
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“Well I absolutely have to do this when I get home. I swear I’m okay! I realize this looks like I’m having a crisis lol I just wanna start looking the way I’ve always wanted to!!” she wrote.
She also followed up with a comment saying that her new look will not be all-new, however, she’ll still be rocking all her old faves.
“Important: If I do this, I’m not gonna go all sporty, I wanna still wear my boyfriend blazers and cami’s and skinny a** jeans and be a working a** tailored boss b**** who happens to have pink hair,” she wrote. If that’s not a New Year’s mood we can all get behind, I don’t know what is!

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