Clorox Wipes Are Back At Some Costco Locations, But There’s Still A 1-Pack Limit Per Customer

Pallets of Clorox wipes were spotted by @Costcohotfinds at her local wholesale club. The wipes come in packages that include five containers of wipes, which equals 425 individual wipes. The photo @Costcohotfinds posted on her Instagram nearly blew up, with customers and fans alike sharing their tips on how to get the wipes while they’re in stock.
First, you can always call ahead to your Costco before they open at 10a.m. to see if they have any wipes in stock. If they do, be sure to get to the store right as it opens before big crowds start lining up. Other commenters said that if you happen to see a delivery truck with cleaning supplies items unloading at the time you’re shopping, you can sometimes see the items on the sales floor that same day.
“Check to see if they have a truck backed into the unloading box outside of the store! And then go peep in the back of the store to see if they’re unloading. Sometimes they’ll scan some into the store inventory while shopping!! I’ve lucked up that way,” they said.
Packs of Clorox wipes still have a limit of one per customer, but @Costcohotfinds got the inside scoop, and apparently all Costco stores are getting deliveries, so you may see some wipes at your location sooner than you think.
“I’ve been told that all Costcos are receiving shipment but they don’t know ahead of time until the truck gets there,” she wrote.

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