Crush Made a Blue Sour Patch Kids-Flavored Soda And We Can't Wait to Try It


If you think about it, most soda is really just candy that you can drink. At least that’s effectively the case once you stop and consider how much sugar you’ll find in your average two-liter bottle.


With that said, it’s surprising that soda-candy crossovers, like this collaboration between Crush and Sour Patch Kids spotted by @CandyHunting, aren’t more common.

Here is the new Crush Sour Patch Kids Berry soda! It is available in 2 L and 20 fl oz bottles. I found the 2 L's at Woodman's, but still haven't spotted the 20 fl oz.The soda tastes very similar to Sour Patch Kids candy. It has a sour kick from citric acid, the same stuff that coats Sour Patch Kids. It's also super sweet and the berry flavor is on point. This one is definitely worth trying if you like Sour Patch Kids candy!

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What you’re looking at is a Sour Patch Kids Berry edition of Crush, the Keurig Dr. Pepper-branded soft drink sold in a wide variety of fruit flavors. This time, they put out a product that’s meant to mimic the flavor of blue Sour Patch Kids. It’s the closest you’ll get to find out what happens if someone dumped one of those  single-color five-pound bags into two liters of sugary water.

Right now you’re probably wondering one thing: is the soda actually sour? Apparently, it kind of is! @CandyHunting describes it as having “a sour kick from citric acid, the same stuff that coats Sour Patch Kids,” adding that “It’s also super sweet and the berry flavor is on point.” Like I said, liquid candy.

You’ll find this incredibly blue beverage available in both two liter and 20 ounce bottles. You might want to start out with the smaller single-serve bottle and see how you feel about Sour Patch Kids Berry-flavored Crush, because it’s probably going to be very divisive.

So what candy will inspire a soda next. Reese’s? Skittles? Toblerone? Who knows, but hopefully the existence of this soda will make someone’s day out there. Just don’t tell your dentist about it. 

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