Disney Is Selling A Stuffed Remy From ‘Ratatouille’ That Can Actually Sit On Your Shoulder

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the amount of very good Disney merchandise out there. Sometimes you just can’t decide what you want more: a Haunted Mansion mug or a Jack Skellington cooler. We totally get it. But every once in a while, a Disney souvenir comes along so perfect we simply need to purchase it as soon as we can…and it’s this Remy from Ratatouille stuffed animal that LITERALLY SITS ON YOUR SHOULDER.
We spotted this “shoulder buddy” recently thanks to a TikTok from @kamrynhernandez2, who was lucky enough to snag one of these for her own. In the video, she shows how it works: You slip a magnetic circle under your shirt on your shoulder. Then, you place the little Chef Remy on top of your shirt on your shoulder and he sticks! You can literally recreate scenes from the movie with this little guy. I feel more inspired to cook already.
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Though we were only recently introduced to this little piece of Disney magic, it turns out that it’s been sold in the parks for the past two months or so. Disney Food Blog recently wrote it up and said they found it in Mouse Gear in Epcot, just in case you have a trip to the parks planned. They also shared that you can pick up similar versions including one of Baby Groot and one of Baby Yoda, at various locations around the park. MY HEART IS SO FULL.
The Remy version will run you about $20, which isn’t half bad. It’s not available online on any official Disney sites yet, but it has been popping up on resale sites like Ebay for a little more in case you wanna take a chance there! I am not sure I will be able to go on if I do not purchase this, so toodles!!

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