Finally, a Garfield-Themed Restaurant Is in the Works

North America’s first Garfield-themed restaurant is officially happening, and I have only one thing to say: It’s about damn time. The fact that we’ve lived this long without one is mind-boggling, frankly.

GarfieldEats, which is set to open in Toronto very soon, will mark the first restaurant dedicated to the 40-year-old cartoon cat in North America—the app-based “mobile restaurant” is already operating in Dubai.

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At the Dubai location, according to blogTO (a Toronto tourism blog), drivers deliver orders for free in environmentally-friendly packaging while riding on green electric Garfield scooters.

Here’s what’s on the delightfully random menu, because I know you’re curious:

  • Six pizzas shaped like Garfield’s head: The Garfield Gherita (mozzarella over tomato sauce), the Giardino (topped with green veggies), the Garfield Peroni (pepperoni), the Shishchicken (shish kebab-themed), the Izza Rub (topped with steak), and the Garfield Indiano (Indian-inspired).
  • Three types of lasagna—DUH. Customers can choose from chicken, beef, and vegetarian varieties.
  • A Garfield-shaped dark chocolate bar.
  • Four types of flavored coffee: orange peel, dark chocolate, pumpkin, and peppermint.
  • Nine smoothies, because why not?
  • Fries. Sadly, these are regular French fries and bear no resemblance to the chunky feline.

The Toronto location, opening in April, will reportedly be cashierless. Customers will order from electronic menus mounted to the walls.

Welcome to the future, folks: It’s 2019, cashiers are irrelevant, and Garfield reigns supreme—as well he should.

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