Fruity Pebbles Candy Bars Are Being Spotted In Stores And We’ll Take A Cart Full Of Them

These haven’t yet hit Walmart’s website or the Frankford Candy website, but people have been spotting them in stores so make sure to keep your eyes peeled at the checkout and in the candy aisle. Stores would be wise to have these in stock ASAP because it seems we’re not the only ones so psyched to give them a try: “I yabba dabba DO need to get these!!” one person wrote. “What in the holy hell goodness?!?! Need!” another said. “Fruity pebbles are my favorite cereal! These are going to be so yummy I can’t wait,” another person wrote.
Once we all have our hands on one of these bars, we have some suggestions for what should come next…namely, how good would a COCOA PEBBLES candy bar be?? A girl can dream!

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