Got Leftover Pizza? Put It in Your Scrambled Eggs


While there’s nothing quite like a fresh, hot pizza to hit the spot, it’s worth remembering that pizza is one of the best options for leftovers. Heck, you can enjoy it without even heating it up, and some would argue that it’s a healthier breakfast than your usual bowl of cereal. 

As it turns out though, there’s something else you can do with your leftover pizza in the morning that you may have not considered: put them in with your scrambled eggs. At least that’s the idea that someone at Today had recently, though it appears they aren’t solely responsible for this resourceful repurposing of pizza.

Though the process of putting leftover pizza in with scramble eggs feels like it’d introduce some incredibly chaotic energy to your mornings, the truth is that even the most debilitatingly hung over could handle whipping this up in the kitchen.

It’s simple, really: all you have to do is take out your pizza, cut off the crusts of your pizza (the goal here isn’t to just put bread in your scrambled eggs), and chop the rest of the slice up into smaller bites. From there, it’s a matter of frying them in a pan on medium heat, cheese-size up.

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From there, separately scramble your eggs while the pizza heats itself back up (again, NOT in the microwave), add some extra cheese if you want to melt that on top. Then simply combine and serve. Finally, congratulate yourself for turning your leftover pizza into something relatively classy and fancy. You’ve already got all of your cooking for the day out of the way, so maybe treat yourself to another pizza later on.

So if you’ve always wanted to try a “breakfast pizza” but been too intimidated by the process of turning breakfast ingredients into something resembling a pizza, this inverse approach could be exactly what you’re after—not to mention a fun way to work through the leftovers. 

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