Here Are 6 New Healthy Products Coming to Whole Foods in March

It’s not only the beginning of March, but the beginning of spring (even if it doesn’t seem like it yet), and a slew of new and exciting products are hitting the shelves. Whole Foods just released a list of all the new products coming to a store near you this month, and we can’t wait to try them! Here are the ones we are most excited for:

RightRice Vegetable Rice

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We were lucky enough to get our hands on all four RightRice varieties, and our staff was pleasantly surprised by the legume-based rice’s texture, flavor, and nutrient content. This is a great option for those looking to consume more fiber (here’s why that’s so healthy), follow a reduced-carb diet, or simply add a nutrient boost to a favorite weeknight dinner. Whole Foods is currently the only retailer you can purchase RightRice from in-store, so now you have even more of a reason to stop in!

365 Everyday Value Organic Greek Yogurt

Whole Foods’ private-label brand, 365 Everyday Value, is releasing four new whole-milk Greek yogurts in vanilla, strawberry, blueberry, and plain. We’ve already debunked the myth that no or low-fat yogurt are healthier options: Full-fat dairy has been shown to help prevent chronic disease and could even help you lose weight!  

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Yeah! Organic Granolas

Granola is the latest thing to come from the hemp-based product manufacturer, and we can’t wait to try all three varieties. Hemp seeds were recently voted one of the healthiest foods for our waistline and the world, and are full of essential nutrients. Manitoba Harvest’s granola line comes in Blueberry, Dark Chocolate, and Honey & Oats.

One serving is a three-fourths cup, which is more than double the serving sizes of many other packaged granolas, and it is packed with 10g protein, healthy fats, and several micronutrients. While coconut oil isn’t our favorite ingredient as it adds 5g sat fat, a reasonable serving is still pretty good for you, and there are still plenty of great reasons to start your day with this product.

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365 Everyday Value Whole Milk Kefir

Kefir is one of our favorite gut-healthy foods, as it is essentially a tasty, fizzy cross-over between yogurt and kombucha. This full-fat fermented drink from the Whole Foods’ private label comes in plain, vanilla, blueberry, and raspberry. While it’s not for everyone, we love its creamy, fizzy texture and all the benefits that go with drinking it.

Vigilant Eats Organic Superfood Cereals

Vigilant Eats pairs their family farm-grown oats with popular superfoods for a convenient, nutritious food. Whether you’re looking for a bowl of overnight oats, a steaming cup of creamy oatmeal, or just a topping for yogurt, this product does it all. And with flavors like Sweet Potato Pie and Coconut Maple Vanilla, we know it’s bound to be delicious. The nutrition is also pretty impressive, as these cereals are high in fiber and made with wholesome ingredients for a satisfying snack or meal. They are both gluten-free and vegan.

Weleda Skin Food Light Nourishing Cream & Body Butter

There are several exciting hair and skin care products coming to Whole Foods this month, but these new lotions from Weleda were especially intriguing. The items from Weleda’s Skin Food line are all best-sellers, and we’re pretty sure the latest additions will be too.

These two body lotions are perfect for whatever weather you’re experiencing—the light nourishing cream is perfect for warmer weather while the body butter is great for those of us still experiencing winter. Both products are made with all-natural ingredients and are already receiving rave reviews online.


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