Katie Lee Responded To Someone Who Told Her She Shouldn’t Be Holding Her Daughter So Much

Celebrity chef Katie Lee responded to one of her Instagram followers who said she shouldn’t be holding her daughter Iris so much.
The comment came last week after Katie did a Q&A which included many questions about her experience being a new mother. In a screenshot of the message, taken by PEOPLE, the unnamed follower wrote her a direct message to say: “I’m sure you’d been told this but it’s not good to hold Iris so much. She needs time for her back/spine/stomach and muscles to develop … not a ‘Karen’ just trying to help.”
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Katie posted the message on her story with the caption “Mom shame, much? Not to worry, my baby gets plenty of tummy time, activity time, etc.” She also posted a follow-up from another user who assured Katie that she held her own son all the time when he was an infant and that he was just fine: “Messages like these are why I love my followers,” Katie wrote on a screenshot of that message.
During the Q&A, The Kitchen co-host responded to questions about everything from breastfeeding to how her parenting plans changed amid the pandemic. As far as the former, Katie called breastfeeding the “hardest thing she’s ever done” and said her advice is just try and be patient. She also encouraged any new parents who are struggling not to let anyone shame them for using formula, echoing a sentiment shared by Chrissy Teigen recently.
Katie also shared that she doesn’t currently have a nanny, though that was the plan before the pandemic when she began working from home. “I am glad it worked out this way bc I love doing everything for her and it’s been an incredible bonding experience,” she wrote in part.

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