Kay Jewelers Has A Disney Collection And You’ll Want To Add Every Piece To Your Cart

There is not exactly a small amount of Disney merch out there. Whether you’re a fan of The Lion King, Pinocchio, or Frozen, you can certainly pick up all the shirts, mugs, kitchen accessories, etc. featuring your fave characters. But if you’re looking for items that are truly unique, you need to check out this new Disney-inspired jewelry collection from Kay.

Disney Treasures Collection

Disney Treasures Winnie the Pooh Garnet Diamond Accents Dangle Earrings

Disney Treasures Lion King Diamond Necklace

Disney Treasures Mickey Mouse Onyx Necklace

Disney Treasures Minnie Mouse Mother of Pearl Ring
The iconic jewelry company announced this week that it has expanded its first-ever Disney Treasures Fine Jewelry Collection to all of its stores and digital channels so that you can pick it up everywhere. The company initially only had the collection in a few stores, but it had an overwhelming response so Kay decided to make the collection available everywhere.
There is no shortage of things to be psyched about in this collection from an adorable diamond necklace featuring the drawing of Simba from The Lion King to earrings featuring Winnie The Pooh dangling from a red balloon, there is something for everyone here. The collection features characters from the aforementioned movies as well as classics like 101 Dalmatians, The Aristocats, and more. Pricing on the collection ranges from $129.99 to $499.99.
Just in case you don’t see anything that catches your eye right away, the company will also be adding items from Fantasia and Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas as well. If you’re as obsessed as we are with those movies, you’ll want to check back soon to add them to your cart too!

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