Krispy Kreme Is Offering Free Coffee AND A Donut For National Coffee Day This Year

Mondays get a bad rap but Tuesdays? TRULY FOR THE DOGS. OK, that expression makes it sound like it’s good, because dogs are great, but what I mean is Tuesdays are actually worse than Mondays. You already have one day down, yes, but that’s not that much and you don’t even have the warm glow of the weekend to make you happy. How sad!! Luckily, Krispy Kreme is coming in clutch to save us with this deal to start Tuesday off with a free coffee AND a free donut.
In honor of National Coffee Day, which is tomorrow, TUESDAY, September 29, all Krispy Kreme customers can receive a free brewed coffee, no purchase necessary. Yes! Totally free coffee! We love that. HOWEVER, if you’re a Krispy Kreme Rewards member, your day is about to get about 20 times better, because you’ll be entitled to a free coffee AND a free donut of your choice!! Glorious!
If becoming a rewards member sounds stressful, let me be the first to tell you that it is decidedly not! You simply have to sign up through the Krispy Kreme app or by visiting and boom! Free donut. You can get the offer no matter if you’re doing pick-up or drive-thru.
Not to, like, harsh your vibes or anything, but this is only available for tomorrow! Once it’s Wednesday, you’ll have to pay for your breakfast again…wait, maybe it’s Wednesdays that are the worst now? Really makes you think.

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