McDonald’s Is Adding Bakery Items To Its Menu Including Cinnamon Rolls And Apple Fritters

Savory breakfasts get all the love in the fast food world and for great reason…have you had an Egg McMuffin the morning after a big night night out?! There is truly nothing better. But in case you have a bit of a sweet tooth, McDonald’s has you covered with its new McCafé Bakery lineup featuring all sorts of sweet treats, including cinnamon rolls.
The brand announced the delicious additions today and we simply cannot choose our favorite! But we will break down all the different delicious items you can get, so maybe you can take on the hard task of deciding a fave for yourself.
First up is a fall classic: the Apple Fritter. This is a treat made with cinnamon and apples, fried to a golden brown, and topped with a sweet glaze icing. Keeping in the cinnamon theme, you can also get the aforementioned Cinnamon Roll. It’s made with cinnamon layered between pastry dough and drizzled with a delicious cream cheese icing. Those of us who LOVED Cinnamelts are simply rejoicing ATM. Finally, you can also pick up a bakery classic of a Blueberry Muffin that’s finished with a streusel crumb topping.
In case you still want to enjoy a savory breakfast but fancy a sweet treat in the afternoon, you’re in luck. Starting Monday, October 28, all three of these new menu items will be available all day. We’re thinking this calls for some secret menu innovation. Will I be getting two Cinnamon Rolls and a Big Mac and seeing what sweet and savory creations I can make? Mayyyyybeeeee.

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