Oreo Is Releasing a New Java Chip Flavor Very Soon


These days, the world is arguably oversaturated with Oreos. They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and flavors to the point that keeping up feels almost impossible. Heck, you can even overpay to get one emblazoned with the logo of streetwear brand Supreme.

Yet here we are, on the verge of yet another new flavor of Oreo, this time transforming the cookies and creme format into something more akin to coffee ice cream. Behold: the Java Chip Oreo:


New Java Chip Oreos will be out very soon! They have coffee flavored creme with chocolatey chips! You heard it here first!

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Based on how it’s labelled, it sounds like this Java Chip Oreo lives up to its name. Sandwiched between two of your standard-issue Oreo cookies is a bit of coffee-flavored creme, which is “naturally and artificially flavored with chocolatey chips.” What the difference is between a chocolatey chip and your standard-issue chocolate chip is anyone’s guess.

The announcement of this new take on the Oreo also comes at a time when there are not only more Oreos than ever, but more ways to consume that cookie and creme goodness. That includes Dairy Queen’s Oreo Fudge Brownie Blizzard for the month of August, not to mention Pillsbury cookie dough with Oreo pieces already mixed in. As if that wasn’t enough, you can also buy pre-crushed Oreos for those who don’t have access to a food processor or the desire to pulverize Oreos with their bare hands.

There’s limited details on these coffee-flavored cookie treats, other than @CandyHunting’s assurance that they will be available “very soon.” In the meantime, you’ll have to content yourself with the numerous other forms of Oreos that are on the market, or maybe just a bit of coffee ice cream. After all, it’s probably insanely hot out wherever you are, too. 


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