Peeps Makes Marshmallow-Scented Easter Grass That Comes In 5 Different Colors

Similar to how presentation is key for a perfect meal, presentation is also important for how well-received your Easter basket can be. You don’t want any of the goodies to sink to the bottom and go unnoticed which is why Easter grass is a necessity. The Peeps version is more than just a space-filler since the grass itself smells like the marshmallow treats and comes in vibrant colors like green, yellow, pink, blue, and purple, so it can match whatever vibe you’re going for. Each package is only $1 and the product is exclusive to Dollar General stores which is a great place to pick up more Easter basket fillers leading up to the big day.
Peeps may be known for its colorful and seasonal marshmallow treats, but recently the brand has stepped up its game and is offering many more options than its typical snacks. This year, Peeps introduced Cookie Coop Kits, a great activity to do over the Easter season. Each kit comes with totally edible marshmallows, cookies, and candy decorations. You can also kick up the all-new Peeps-shaped Build-A-Bear would make for an adorable centerpiece in any Easter basket.

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