People On TikTok Are Discussing Their ‘Gas Station Orders’ And It Has Us Ready For A Road Trip

I love a good road trip and by that I mean I love jamming out to some music, taking in the scenes, and eating some greasy, crunchy, sugary food—I take my road trip snacks pretty seriously. Luckily, so does everyone on TikTok. Lately, people have been discussing their “gas station order[s]” and it really has me thinking about what I love to buy most.
The concept of a gas station order is simple: When you’re, like, three hours into a road trip or are super hungry while getting gas, which snacks do you grab to munch on? Sure, every once in a while you might deviate from this formula, but what are your go-tos? There’s a certain kind of science to it, as typically people seem to grab a salty, a sweet, and a beverage.
Flipping through the hashtag, I found so much to respect, like this one of Sprite, Chester’s Flamin’ Hot Fries, and a Crispy Crunchy Reese’s bar, or this one of Dr. Pepper, Lay’s Salt & Vinegar Chips, Sour Patch Kids, and Takis, or this one of an Icee, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Limon, and Reese’s.
nobody can beat my gas station order!! #fyp #gasstationorder
😊 #greenscreen#fyp#gasstation#gasstationorder
You’ll definitely see through the hashtag that people are big fans of Flamin’ Hot everything, which duh, we knew, some form of Reese’s, and sour candy. This made me think about my gas station order, which would have to be Diet Coke, Bugles, and peach rings (with Andy Capp’s Hot Fries if we’re not stopping for lunch). Some other orders from the Delish staff include Arizona Green Tea, Hot Cheetos, and Sour Punch Bites, as well as Cherry Coke, salt & vinegar chips, and Haribo gummies.
I would highly encourage you to ponder your gas station order. It is the new Myers-Briggs and I am endlessly fascinated by it. If you need me, I’ll be dreaming about the next time I can hop in a car and listen to a true crime podcast while shoveling chips in my face. Ah, bliss.

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