PSA: Cinnabon Just Launched a Frozen Breakfast Line


Between diminished foot traffic at both airport terminals and mall food courts, I’d imagine that America’s consumption of Cinnabon has probably experienced a bit of a downturn in 2020. At the same time, the fact that we’ve all spent so much time locked inside has ushered in something of an at-home breakfast revolution.

So, perhaps in an effort to meet consumers where they’re at, Cinnabon has launched its first-ever line of frozen breakfast items, meant to be consumed not at the mall merely minutes after it opens, but from the relative comfort of home.

“Our mission is to give fans access to our brands in new, innovative ways and the Cinnabon Bakery-Inspired frozen breakfast creations line couldn't have launched at a better time,” Dave Mikita, President, FOCUS Brands Global Channels (Cinnabon’s licensing division) said in a press release.  “It's the perfect way for everyone from busy parents, to students and young professionals, to begin the day–not to mention they make great anytime treats!"

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While you probably (rightly) equate Cinnabon with sugary, decadent treats, the brand’s line of six frozen breakfast items is evenly divided between sweet and savory. For the first of the obvious sweet entries, you’ll find Caramel Pecan “Ooey-Gooey Rolls,” a cinnamon-flavored sweet rolle adorned with pecans and drizzled in caramel. The other sweet options give you a choice over how you consume Cinnabon’s signature frosting: the Frosted CinnaSweet Rolls put it on top of a cinnamon swirl roll, while the Frosting Filled Cinnapastry (naturally) puts that frosting on the inside of a cinnamon pastry, along with some interior brown sugar cinnamon as well.

If you’d rather save (most of) your sugar consumption for later in the day, Cinnabon’s breakfast options can still be a part of your morning. More protein-packed options include the CheddarRoll Sausage & Egg Sandwich, their take on a sausage egg and cheese, with the cheese being a cheddar roll croissant. Of course, Cinnabon also tries to blend in a bit of subtle sweetness along the way: the CinnaBiscuit Chicken Sandwich places fried chicken on a cinnamon chip biscuit with cinnamon sauce, turning it into something akin to chicken and waffles. More surprisingly, the Jalapeno Cheddar Sausage Bites use a “cinnamon sweet dough” as a wrapper for spicy cheddar pork and beef sausage, presenting an unexpected blend of sweet and heat.

At the moment, the line is available at Walmarts nationwide, but availability will grow in the coming months. So whether you plan on just kind of pigging out and hibernating or actually doing something with your day, Cinnabon is there for you. You won’t even miss hanging out in a mall food court with this stuff in your freezer.



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