PSA: Totino's Has New Cheeseburger Pizza Rolls

There are few things that bring people together like Totino’s pizza rolls. More pizza rolls means fewer problems, and you can quote me on that.

That’s why I’m absolutely thrilled to report that Totino’s has debuted a new(ish), delicious-sounding flavor: cheeseburger.

The cheeseburger rolls are made with beef pizza topping, tomato puree, and reduced-fat cheddar cheese—all packed into a golden crust.  

If you believe the reviews on Influenster, these things are amazing:

“Can you go wrong with pizza rolls? Probably. BUT when you buy pizza rolls, this is what you want. Crispy outside and gooey inside,” says one happy customer. “Lots of cheese and plenty of sauce. I always keep a bag of these in my freezer for late night munchy food.”

“Absolutely yes,” raves another. “My absolute favorite junk food to eat is pizza and tied with that is a good cheeseburger. THEY LITERALLY ROLLED THEM UP INTO ONE!!!!! You don’t even need to read my review to realize this is heaven.”

This isn’t Totino’s first foray into cheeseburger flavoring. Apparently, this flavor has existed in the past—however, based on the packaging, it’s been a while.

The rolls come in 40-count and 50-count bags. They’re on sale now at Walmart and Target.

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