Sour Punch’s New Line of Holiday-Themed Candy Is Here So It’s Time To Get Festive

Candy lovers, rejoice. Sour Punch candies are spreading some real holiday cheer and for fans of the long beloved candies, 2020 will probably be ending on a high note. American Licorice Company—who is the maker of the candy as well as Red Vines—has given the brand a new holiday-themed twist and I’m only concerned with why it took them so long.
Taking classic favorites and giving them a Christmas spin, this season’s lineup includes new Sour Punch Trees, Sour Punch Santa Straws, and Merry Mix Bites (can you say yum?!). Wondering what the flavors will be like for each? Well, don’t worry; they’ll definitely be tasty! The latter of the sweet treats will include fan favorite flavors watermelon, green apple, cherry, and berry. The Trees, however, are cherry and lime flavored while the Santa Straws are apple and berry. So yeah, it’ll be really hard to choose which one to get first.

While it was announced earlier this year to immense excitement that Sour Punch was releasing three new products including the not-so-sour Sweet Bites, the assortment Fan Favorite Bites, and incredible SIP-N-CHEW Straws, this holiday news is sure to take things to the next level.
So, will you be picking up five or 50 packs this season?
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