These Are Hannah Bronfman’s 4 Favorite Wellness Practices—And They're Free

Hannah Bronfman is a 10-year veteran of the wellness industry, DJ, and author of the brand-new book, Do What Feels Good. It can be tough to find balance in a career that takes Bronfman around the world and keeps her up late at night, but Bronfman says time management and looking ahead is the key to success. She also takes advantage of small spurts of down time to relax and enjoy the moment.

Before a busy week of travel, Bronfman makes sure her vitamins are packed, she is well-stocked with healthy travel snacks, and stays hydrated from beginning to end. She also advises seeing a city through a “wellness lens”—whether that’s seeking out the best cheap place to squeeze in a yoga class or local juice bar for a midday pick-me-up while in town.

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Bronfman also shared some of her favorite wellness practices with us—all of which are free!

The wellness pro believes in self-massage, breathing exercises, and putting her phone down at least an hour before bed to help her find balance and rejuvenate even in the midst of an extra-busy week.

Simply taking an Uber can feel like a wellness experience for Bronfman as she can engage in some deep breathing and a hand massage to refresh before her next event. She also enjoys a hot bath at the end of the day, full of relaxing salts, essential oils, and clays—when she can find one!

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Bronfman also gushed over her new go-to weeknight recipe—a loaded sweet potato—which you can find in her new book. She loves making simple, healthy swaps—such as greek yogurt for sour cream with this recipe—to still enjoy her favorite foods without feeling bad physically or mentally afterwards.

Tune in to the video above to find out more about Hannah Bronfman and how she stays motivated inspired—and of course, finds balance—as a wellness guru and entrepreneur.


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