These Best-Selling Containers Keep Produce Fresh for Weeks

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There's nothing quite like going to the market and pickup up a beautiful batch of in-season produce, only to have it all go to waste one week later. It's a sad reality that the healthiest, freshest food options are typically the ones to spoil first.

Fortunately, there are ways to keep the goodies alive longer. For example, there are produce sheets you can place into bags of lettuce or baskets of fruits that help prolong the food's freshness, along with specially designed containers made to prevent guacamole from browning. You'll even find storage containers, like this Luxear set, that can keep bigger batches of food from wilting and rotting.

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The top-rated set includes three containers designed to expand the life of lettuce and other greens, fruits, and berries. Each produce-saver has features optimized for freshness—like filtered trays and air vents—that keep fruits and veggies from getting soggy.

"I was skeptical at first but I decided to try what was described to me as the 'Cadillac of produce savers,'" wrote one five-star reviewer. "I've had them for two weeks and my produce, berries especially, are still fresh. If you love fresh fruit and vegetables, you know how fast they can go bad. I highly recommend these. I'm a believer."

In addition to the aerating features, the containers also come with adjustable inner partitions to separate food and draining bottoms that double as colanders. Amazon shoppers can't get enough of these clever designs that make everything from meal prep to snacking easier.

"I love getting produce just to use these containers," said another reviewer. "They make the produce last so much longer and stay fresh. They are cute, easy to clean and so sturdy. I wish I would've bough them a long time ago."

The Luxear container set is on sale for nearly $10 off right now but you'll save even more money by not having to toss out spoiled produce every week. That's the real bargain.

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To buy: $40 (originally $49);

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