These Food-Saving Sheets Keep Produce Fresh for Longer—and They’re Only $11 Right Now


Discovering that the bunch of fresh, leafy greens or plump berries you’ve been saving in the fridge have wilted in just a few days isn’t just a disappointment—it could throw off your meal planning for the whole week. Thankfully, Amazon shoppers claim to have found a simple, effortless, and affordable solution to keeping food fresh for longer. 

With over 1,100 ratings (500 of which are five-star reviews), Freshpaper’s Food Saver Sheets have been crowned by shoppers a “surprisingly fantastic product” that “add[s] substantial life to your produce.” It’s currently on sale, too—you can grab a packet for less than $11 if you act fast. 

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To buy: $11 (originally $16);

A packet comes with eight reusable sheets, which will each last for roughly 30 days (you’ll be able to tell when its time is up when its faint maple scent fades). According to the brand, the sheets are infused with “organic, active botanicals that keep produce fresh for up to two [to] four times longer.” To use them, simply pop a sheet in the in your fridge’s crisper drawer, a produce bag, or a fruit bowl; you can even cut them up to fit smaller containers like sandwich bags or Mason jars. 

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Many Amazon shoppers who have tried lots of different produce-saving methods swear that Freshpaper’s sheets are the best they’ve come across. “I’ve used these, and I’ve used the balls, and these work much better,” said a reviewer. “I can put a sheet in a bowl, pile on the fruit, and keep the bowl at room temperature.”

Another added, “I have been using them in the crisper drawers of my fridge and in the produce baskets in my pantry. They truly do keep fruits and vegetables fresh longer.”

A third reviewer tested them out on berries and found Freshpaper’s sheets to be a “home run.” “Recently, our market had a sale on bulk boxes of strawberries and I didn’t have time over the weekend to hull them. Just stuck them in the refrigerator with the Freshpaper… Three days later, they still look as perfect as when I put them in there!”

Freshpaper’s sheets might just be the simplest way to prolong your produce’s shelf life. Snag them while they’re on sale at Amazon now. 

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