These Pastel-Colored Weighted Blankets Are So Pretty—and Could Help Your Anxiety

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Most of us are staying at home due to the coronavirus, and Bearaby, a sustainable weighted blanket company, has partnered with The Hyppo, a gourmet ice pop brand, to make our time at home a little more cozy. Starting today, the duo's "Napsicle Collection" will be available for purchase. Besides being absolutely stunning, these chunky knit, ombre-colored blankets for are sustainably made and produce zero waste. Not to mention, they could actually help relieve your stress.

Several studies show that weighted blankets could be helpful tools for helping anxiety. Essentially, weighted blankets work the same way tightly swaddling a baby does—they make you feel cocooned and secure. And the weight of these chunky blankets uses deep touch pressure (DTP) to regulate mood and help improve sleep. Bearaby's website says, "When pressure points on our bodies are activated (think of a snug hug or a deep tissue massage), DTP rebalances hormone levels leaving us calmer, sleepier, and less stressed." Sounds dreamy, right?

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Though weighted blankets have only recently surged in popularity, Cristina Cusin, M.D., an assistant professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, told Harvard Women's Health Watch, "Weighted blankets have been around for a long time, especially for kids with autism or behavioral disturbances." She continued, "It is one of the sensory tools commonly used in psychiatric units. Patients who are in distress may choose different types of sensory activities—holding a cold object, smelling particular aromas, manipulating dough, building objects, doing arts and crafts—to try to calm down."

While you may not suffer from anxiety (or another psychiatric condition), nearly everyone could benefit from using a weighted blanket. Most weighted blanket companies recommend choosing one that weighs at least 10% of your body weight (so, if you weigh 150 pounds, that'd be a 15-pound-or-heavier blanket). Bearaby's new blankets come in two weights: 15 pounds ($259, or 25 pounds ($289,

The blankets in Bearaby's new collaboration with The Hyppo come in three delicious colors (inspired by The Hyppo's pops, natch): Mango Siesta (a stunning ombre orange), Watermelon Dreams (a pretty light pink), and Blueberry Nights (a beautiful blue-violet). Each purchase also comes with all three limited-edition flavors of The Hyppo's ice pops for you to try. Talk about the ultimate stay-at-home treat!

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