This $10 Tool Is the Easiest Way to Make Gourmet Burgers at Home

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When planning a barbecue, burgers are bound to be on your menu. Quick to cook and full of flavor, the crowd-pleasing dish is one of our favorite foods to grill. And while buying premade patties is convenient, shaping burgers by hand allows complete command over seasoning and size.

But for even more control, thousands of Amazon shoppers swear by this simple tool from Cuisinart. The Stuffed Burger Press is not only a faster, easier way to make regular patties and mini sliders but also gourmet-style burgers filled with melty cheese. It's the ultimate grill master gadget.

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The Cuisinart press makes consistently shaped, customized patties in just three steps. Simply fill the 4.5-inch base with three ounces of meat, then compress with the smaller 2.5-inch press to make a bowl-like indentation. If you're craving a stuffed burger, load up with cheese, vegetables, or even different kinds of meat for big flavors in every bite. Add three more ounces of meat on top and push down with the 4-inch press, and your burger is ready for the grill. Want a classic patty? Just skip the first press.

The three-piece tool not only cuts down on the time and mess of making burgers by hand, but it's easy to clean, too. Its non-stick coating is a breeze to hand-wash, and it's even dishwasher-safe.

Shoppers gush over their Cuisinart presses, saying it makes "perfect" burgers. It's no wonder the handy cooking gadget has amassed more than 1,000 perfect five-star reviews.

"This burger stuffer is a must for all gourmet grill enthusiasts," one wrote. "I've made chicken burgers stuffed with sautéed spinach, shallots and goat cheese, hamburgers stuffed with smoked Chipotle gouda, tomatoes and onions, and even made sliders with the easy slider maker it comes with!"

Another added, "They cook up like a dream on the grill and in a pan. With this press I've stopped using binders and fillers in my ground meat, so our burgers are 100% meat."

And while the Cuisinart Stuffed Burger Press typically costs an already affordable $15, right now you can snag one for just $10. What are you waiting for? Your best burger life awaits.

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To buy: $10 (originally $15);

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