This Brewery Makes Rocky Mountain Oyster-Flavored Beer

You know how people associate beer with meat? There’s a historical reason for that: up until the 19th century, barley was dried over open flames, giving beer a smoky, meat-like taste. These days, though, it seems like there’s a craft beer brewed with every ingredient: Lucky Charms, pickles, and even avocados. 

So while it may make you cringe, it’s not too much of a stretch for Colorado-based Wynkoop Brewery to make a beer with bull testicles. 

It all started back in 2012, when Wynkoop launched the limited-release Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout as an April Fool’s joke. But alas, an audience for the brew exists, and bull-testicle beer is still kicking, although in limited batches. Now, to be fair, Rocky Mountain oysters are popular in Colorado, so a beer featuring the Centennial State’s culinary jewels isn’t too far-fetched.

And while Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout does seem novel, it’s not the first craft beer to be made with testicles. That honor goes to Stedji Brewery’s seasonal Hvalur beer, which is flavored with a whale’s testicle that’s been smoked in sheep dung. You do you, Iceland. 

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