This Hand Mixer Has More Than 1,000 Five-Star Reviews On Amazon

Still super into the whipped drink trend that broke out earlier this year? Listen carefully: There’s a three-in-one hand mixer that can alleviate the heavy-lifting required to make those fluffy drinks, and it’s on sale through Amazon this very minute!

Immersion Hand Blender
The stainless steel hand mixer from the brand Utalent comes with three attachments: a whisk, a mixing wand, and a frother. It has eight speed settings, so you can get the job done, whether it involves making whipped coffee with the whisk or making soup with the mixing wand. It typically costs about $37 but is $10 off on Amazon right now.
Reviewers have used the kitchen gadget to make smoothies, whipped butter for Christmas cookies, eggs, sauce, cake, and, of course, frothed milk for coffee. Many people praise the device for its sleek size that allows it to be stored anywhere in the kitchen. Others noted how strong it is: “I am just using mine for frothing milk and even at the lowest setting and pushing one, it is really fast,” one reviewer wrote. Another wrote that it turned their fruit into a smoothie in only 10 seconds.
For under $30, the hand mixer seems worth it. Not only can it help you carry out so many fun recipes, but it can also give your hands and wrists the much-needed break they deserve. Make the machine do all of the hard work for once, and appreciate how much faster you can get to eating whatever you’re whipping up.

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