This Prepackaged Oreo Mousse Is the Ultimate Dessert Shortcut


To most people, the Oreo is a snack that sandwiches creme between two chocolate cookies. Though the flavors may change, that’s pretty much the standard format. 

But don’t tell that to the deli freezer section of your local Walmart, because that’s where they seem to be hiding giant one-pound tubs of Oreo Mousse, as evidenced by a recent Instagram post from @SnackGator.

WOW! šŸ˜± Now THIS is a dessert!We found this Oreo Mousse Dessert in the deli freezer section at Walmart. šŸ˜ We're pretty sure it winked at us as we walked by! The description says, "Creamy mousse mixed with Oreo cookie pieces on top of an Oreo cookie crumb." Yes, PLEASE! Are you drooling? šŸ¤¤

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This beautiful bucket of tastiness is a “creamy mousse mixed with Oreo cookie pieces on top of an Oreo cookie crumb,” according to the packaging. It’s the perfect way to dress up any dessert with a creamy, delicious element, saving you the time it would normally take to whip up some cookies and creme mousse on your own. Conversely, you can just grab a spoon and go to town on this thing straight from the tub. I mean, it’s 2020. Why the heck not.

While it’s worth remembering that just because you see something on Instagram doesn’t mean it’s available everywhere, commenters on the @SnackGator post have affirmed that they’ve spotted said buckets of Oreo mousse (but not an Oreo Moose) at their local Walmart. Apparently, it’s also available in smaller-sized cups if you want to stuff your face with one.

So if you lack a food processor, patience, or the skills required to make your own Oreo mousse, consider this prepackaged option your new secret weapon. Or it can just be a way to eat Oreos without really having to chew anything. Your call. 

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