This Self-Cleaning Water Bottle Uses UV Light to Kill Germs—and It's on Sale

Cleaning water bottles can be such a hassle if you’re trying to do it right. Their usually small openings and tall lengths make them nearly impossible to wash without getting your hand (and possibly half your arm) stuck in them. But left uncleaned, water bottles become cesspools for germs, bacteria, and disgusting water buildup that would make even the thirstiest person turn away.

So if you’re dreaming of a water bottle that cleans itself, you’re in luck. The Larq bottle, which was designed and released back in 2018, is a self-cleaning water bottle that uses UV light to purify itself. And right now, it’s on sale at Nordstrom as part of the retailer’s huge Spring Sale—meaning, you can get it for 25 percent off.

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To buy: $71 (was $95);

Here’s how it works: The battery-powered Larq bottle uses UV-C LED light to eliminate up to 99.9999 percent of germs, bacteria, and other bio-contaminants from your water. Simply press its cap, and it’ll self-clean in 60 seconds and repeat every two hours so you’ll get fresh, purified water throughout the day.

While its self-cleaning features are certainly eye-catching, the Larq bottle also shines as a vacuum-insulated water bottle. Its double-walled vacuum insulation will keep cold water chilled for up to 24 hours and hot water warm for up to 12, so it’s perfect for long runs or hikes. You’ll have to recharge it about once a month, but doing so is as easy as plugging it into a USB wall charger or laptop.

So if you’re still struggling with scrubbing your water bottle, switch over to Larq’s germ-eliminating bottle that self-cleans. We can’t remember the last time it was on sale, and certain colors are already selling out—grab yours before it’s gone.

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