This Travel-Sized Prep Knife Is Practically Made for Picnics—and It's Just $12

Kuhn Rikon knives

If you're deciding what snacks and drinks to pack in your picnic basket or beach bag for a long day in the sun, you're going to need foods that can withstand the heat and maintain their texture and flavor. In other words, skip the chocolate; fresh fruits are a great pick. However, you'll need to tote a knife in that basket so you can slice into anything, anytime you want it when you're out and about.

This Kuhn Rikon Colori Knife is the perfect fit. Kuhn Rikon is known widely for its variety of non-stick paring and chef's knives. The Colori straight paring knife is their best-selling, all-purpose lightweight prep knife. It comes in more than a dozen colors, like eggplant, dragon fruit, unicorn, and bubble gum, and has contoured handles to make gripping the knife safe and comfortable.

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The Colori knife is a favorite in home kitchens because it chops veggies, peels apples, and slices foods, like cheese cubes, easily. The non-stick coating sloughs off foods that like to cling, which makes it easier to get food from the cutting board into bowls or pans. 

Outside the kitchen, it's a favorite for its small size and heavy-duty sheath, which makes it safe to carry. With just a four-inch blade, it's small enough to handle in busy spaces, whether you're slicing peaches at the park or cutting slices of cake at a picnic. Plus the Japanese stainless steel blade is sharp and durable so you won't mangle your stone fruit or tomatoes before you eat them.

Frequently find yourself needing a sharp knife on the go? You can buy a set of three for $24 and use them in storage containers, snack bags, and lunchboxes.

The paring knives also have hundreds of great reviews on Amazon. One reviewer wrote, "The coating on the blades have not faded, chipped or scratched and I have been scrubbing them and washing them in the dishwasher. The blades are 'very' sharp. I would recommend this set to others." This reviewer added that the knives are lightweight, easy to handle, and they cut very well.

Keep one in that bag at all times this summer—you never know when it'll come in handy at a picnic, farmers market, or poolside, wherever you need to slice into a snack. 

Kuhn Rikon knives set

To buy: $12,

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