Toblerone Chocolate Cake Exists And Can Be Found In Your Grocery Store Freezer Aisle

Toblerone chocolate bars are one of those iconic foods that true fans would all be able to easily identify blindfolded. Not only does their triangular shape make it unique, but the nougat center and honey flavor also makes the chocolate much more luscious than your ordinary candy bar. It’s rich, crunchy, and sweet without being overpowering.
The chocolate cake pulls from those famous flavors and starts with an almond base, milk chocolate, chocolate mousse, Toblerone chunks, and chocolate drizzle. It’s also totally gluten-free. Due to the ingredients, you’ll find this cake in the freezer aisle of your grocery store rather than with the based goods.
It seems that the Toblerone cake isn’t a totally new offer, and was spotted for the first time in stores back in 2018. That said, @SnackGator just spotted it at their local Publix after searching for it, so the cake might be more accessible in main stream grocers than it was when it was first released.
Toblerone is a Swiss chocolatier, so that may have something to do with why it’s a little more challenging to find in the states. So consider this a treasure hunt next time you go grocery shopping—the triangle chocolate chunks and bright red Toblerone logo mark the spot.

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